Welcome to Ibogaine UK.

At Ibogaine UK we offer holistic & individually tailored Ibogaine/Iboga therapy for addiction as well as for well being related issues.

Treatments for addiction and psycho-spiritual exploration are all conducted from our full time dedicated venue in the UK & also from a villa in the beautiful Greek Isles.

Our philosophy is one of belief that it is essential to create a safe, comfortable & healing environment in which you'll feel completely welcomed at all times.

During your stay you will have a fully experienced practitioner to guide & assist you through this life changing & rewarding experience.
For the first 30 hours of your treatment you will be medically monitored and fully attended to by one of our facilitators.

As a part of an effective & safe treatment plan we practice from a structured protocol at all times.This consists of the mandatory completion of a comprehensive medical questionnaire & prerequisite testing program prior to commencement of your treatment.

Upon your arrival a brief medical assessment will be carried out before your provisional dose range is calculated.

This process can be adapted dynamically during the progress of your treatment & is dependent upon your particular sensitivity to Ibogaine.
The desired goal is to optimise the efficacy of the experience whilst maintaining your comfort level.

Ibogaine is just the beginning of a new journey. It is part of a greater process of gradual self realisation and extraordinary self discovery.

It is important after the active stage of the initial process to allow yourself a period of integration. We encourage you to stay as long as possible and to actively participate & interact with those around you.

We are currently developing our new website, however if you would like information on booking treatment or simply to find out more about how Ibogaine can work for you, please contact us through the form below.
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